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Why Margarita?

Isla Margarita is blessed with one of the most fantastic climates in the world and is located out of the Hurricane Path.Here are some interresting facts:

  • Isla Margarita is pretty close; only 5 hours from Montreal by airplane!
  • Hospital services and ambulance are free of charge. If you go into private clinics, the RAMQ covers the fees at 100% and you do not need Blue Cross insurance.
  • A great white sand beach named “Playa El Agua” and outside of the hurricanes zone!
  • Very nice scenery with mountains, desert and beach. Roads are in very good condition!
  • 350 days of sun a year!

Many activities and sports are available so you can forget your stress and breathe fresh air! Many shopping centers such as Sambil, Macro, Traki and Sigo help you find everything you need. Facing the east coast of Venezuela with white sand beaches, coral reefs and lagoons reflected in the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, is Isla Margarita. This destination is well know in Europe and Canada as the alternative to the relative expensive islands of the northern Caribbean. The island is a DUTY FREE port and gasolina prices are 0.01$ CAN/liter or about 0.04$ CAN/gallon. Margarita Island emerges out of the warm water in the Carribean sea with a surface of 934 sq. km (33 km by 67 km), 316 km of beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys and plains. With an average annual temperature at 26 ºC (80ºF) and together with Coche and Cubagua Islands, they form the State of Nueva Esparta. The islands have a similar geological construction and are located 37 km from the North East of Venezuela. If you are going to retire soon, we suggest explore the retirement menu on main menu. In addition to that, everything is pretty cheap. Hotels are inexpensive by beach resort standards and restaurants are very affordable and secure. You can get a lunch in any of several restaurants in Porlamar or next to the beaches for $5 to $10. Margarita offers lots of sunshine, a tropical climate, multiple color surfaces, with zones of leafy green mountains, xerophyte vegetation, wonderful weather, miles and miles of intense blue beaches, solitary places where you can find yourself again. Very cosmopolitain cities and quaint villages with their customs and traditions still intact make it very interresting to visit. Make sure to visit our “pictures” section to get a clear overview of what is waiting for you!

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  • Addresse:
    Calle la Canoa à calle La Mira
    À 150 mètres de la plage.
    Playa El Agua 6313
    Isla Margarita, Venezuela
    (Al lado de Hotel Hesperia)

  • Courriel: info@villadelsol.org
  • Site Internet: www.villadelsol.org
  • Tél: : +58-295-249-0876
  • Gratuit: : 1-877-775-8281