Dear private guests, Located on the famous “Isla Margarita”, Villa del Sol offers you everything you need: A great white sand beach named “Playa El Agua” and outside of the hurricanes zone! A brand new pool ready for you and 350 days of sun a year! Many activities and sports so you can forget your stress and breathe fresh air! Facing the east coast of Venezuela with white sand beaches, coral reefs and lagoons reflected in the deep blue of the Caribbean Sea, is the Island of Margarita. It is well know in Europe and Canada as the alternative to the relative expensive islands of the northern Caribbean. The island is a DUTY FREE port and gazoline prices are 0.01$/liter.


Margarita Island emerges out of the warm water in the Carribean sea with a surface of 934 sq. km (33 km by 67 km), 316 km of beautiful beaches, mountains, deserts, valleys and plains. With an average annual temperature at 30ºC (86ºF) and together with Coche and Cubagua Islands, they form the State of Nueva Esparta. The islands have a similar geological construction and are located 37 km from the nort east of Venezuela.The Island itself is an example of contrasts. Porlamar , with it´s modern buildings and sofisticated boutiques offering the very best of the world in clothing and decorations….Bodegones (delikatessen) full with fine wines and exquisite food imported from all over the world….the Free Market Conejeros… handcarft stores…..picturesque kiosques offering fried fish, cachapas (kind of a corn pancake), cocadas…restaurants offering French, Italian, Japanese and International dishes as well as local ones. And the villages, with its ever present shaded plaza,…churches telling tales of times gone by and are always visited by devotees…..the remains of the Colonial Arquitecture…the warmth of the natives with their very own way of talking that makes them sound as if they were always joking….and of course its beaches. According to a legend, Margarita was created by the teardrop of a cherub and named the “Pearl of the carribean”. In reality, however, it formed when a narrow sand bar emerged from the sea and connected two adjacent islands. The sandbar and the surroundings, are comprised of mangroves, salt-flats and a lagoon, these are now the Laguna de la Restinga National Park. The Macanao Peninsula forms the western side of Margarita and is characterized by its distinctive red earth covered with cactuses and mangrove swamps. The land is dry, barren and infertile, and most of the territory is desolate scrub; yet the striking colors lend the peninsula a rare and pecular beauty. The inland area remains undevelopped, home to just wild deer, goats and hares that browse the sparse vegetation on the hills. Finally, let’s mention that the capital of the state, La Asuncion was so chosen for the sole reason that its inland location would shield it from pirates attacks. Number of visitors to margarita have soared since the fall of the Bolivar against the dollar in the early 1980’s. The island is now the primary destination for the country’s holidaymakers, who come in thousands from the mainland in search of sun, sand, surf and duty-free shopping. Foreign tourism, too is on the increase. The island’s foreign tourist industry was originally centered around Porlamar, a resort famous for its towering hotels lively boulevards and agitated nightlife. Today, however, with the continuing influx of foreign visitors, large resorts have also expanded in the northeast. Caractéristiques Situation géographique Capitale Politique, président Température Température Langue Châteaux Monuments naturels Géographie Description Nord-Ouest du Venezuela La Asunción Démocratie, Hugo Chavez Température moyenne de l’air : 30°C (86°F) Température moyenne de l’eau : 27°C (80°F) Espagnol 2 6 Diverse : forêt tropicale, climat semi-désertique

The warm Carribean sea will charm you with its beautiful coast. Our villa is located 150 meters from the wonderful beach (Playa El Agua), which is the most popular beach on the island. On the beach, you will find, all year long, a number of activities, restaurants, bars and shops. On the Villa site, which features 8 rooms, you will have access to our private pool reserved for our private guests and a gaz BBQ, wood BBQ and churuata. We are open all year long and our staff is always ready to give you their best. Isla Margarita is an exquisite choice for the single person, as well for a couple who would like to enjoy a peaceful time together. Do not forget that we pick our visitors at the airport for FREE*.

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