Parque El Agua

While visiting Margarita Island, don’t miss the opportunity to enjoy its unique Water Park, Parque El Agua with 45.000 m2 of areas and attractions for adults and children, security and facilities for the entire family. You will spend a fantastic day. Designed to be enjoyed by families, you will find extreme attractions for the brave and relaxing ones for those looking for the tranquility of a special day. Dive into the fun!

The names of our attractions are in PemonLanguage and the translation of it is displayed at each attraction.

Churun Meru: With 18 m the highest water slide in Venezuela, will give you a jolt of adrenaline. In Pemon language, it is known as Angel Falls. If you are one of the bravest, you will experience a free fall into a canal, slowed down by water. Max speed 140 km/h

Tupaika Meru: Enclosed slide, to be used with a float, 15 m high. You can use floats for 1 or 2 person. It is fun. In Pemon language: Caroni Falls, at Kiaboru river, with a pond and a nice beach. Max. speed 70 km/h.

Kukenan Meru: Open Slide, to be used with a float, 15 m high. You can use floats for 1 or 2 persons. A lot of fun. In Pemon Language it is the river that initiates in Kukena, next to Roraima. On of the main affluences of Caroni River. Max. Speed 70 km/h

Chinik Meru: Open slide, to be used with rubber matts, 12 m high. Be prepared for the quick falls and turns. In Pemon Language. White decoration of birds, Max. Speed. 70km/h

Pachichi Meru: Enclosed slide, 12 m high, to be used with rubber mattresses. Be prepared for the quick falls and turns. In Pemon Language: Falls at Caroní, a bit down river of Urinón. Max. Speed 70 km/h.

Tuna Yepi: Giant Jacuzzi for 50 persons. Relax. Ideal for those looking to relax with the massage of the jets and bubbling water. In Pemon Language: On the shore of the river. Fit for the entire family.

Tunaima: Slow river, more than 500 m long. Imagine a river that takes you pleasantly for a ride through the park, passing waterfalls. The most relaxing experience. In Pemon Language: The big water. Fit for the entire family.

Mure Tapui Mure Tapui Children’s area, resembling a tree house, with interactive attractions for children: giant water pistols, slides and much more. In Pemon Language: House of Children. Only for children.


Laberinto Tropical

It is the only multi-species labyrinth in the Caribbean. It is an ecological park where a variety of tropical flora is exhibited, some of it from Margarita, some forms Venezuela. The space stretches for 17.000 m2, dedicated to ecological preservation and fun.The Ficus labyrinth dares the orientation sense. Feel the emotion of finding the lost path. The park is divided in 4 areas.One, with vegetation that grows between sea level and 400 m over sea level. (Different kind of cactus, spiny bushes and the emblematic tree of Nueva Esparta, the Guayacan). Many other species are growing in this area.The Flower Garden, where you will find the most number of species of gardens on Margarita Island.An area of contact with Mango, native plum, bananas, sugar cane and guava trees.The third part of the tour is planted with species that normally grow over 400 m sea level.A microclimate was created with giant bamboos and irrigation from the air to achieve the humidity required by these species (Bromeliads, orchids, callas, ferns palm trees and climbing ferns)At the end of this tour there is shaded zone with a pond where you can watch and touch some of our tropical fauna: Turtles, Boa Constrictor, Black Spiders, Royal Parrots and a very sympathic Capuchino monkey named Pancho. There is a complete collection of snakes native to the island and other reptiles as Iguanas, salamanders, lizards and Babas (small caiman native to the plains).The visitor is offered typical natural refreshment in each area, like Sugar Cane Juice, Lemmon and row sugar drink, coconut milk and tropical fruit. El Laberinto Tropical is located on the road from Los Robles to La Asunción, sector Palosano. Open Tuesday to Sunday from 9.30 am to 5.30 pm.

Parque Diverland

The park is located on the island of La Isla Margarita. Many sources list the name of this park as “Instituto Nacional de Hipodromos” (“National Institute of Hippodromes”, a “Hippodrome” is a horse track/arena). This is the name taken from Vekoma’s reference list (who Vekoma sold the ride to) and is not the name of the park.The name Diverland is not referring to scuba diving. It is a combination of Spanish and English words — “Diver” from the Spanish word “Diversión” and the English word “Land”. Basically their way of saying “Funland”.It is a wonderful place, with the possibility of interacting with the dolphins. There, after a brief training on the part of the instructors, the visitors can swim or dive next to these intelligent animals. This experience is unforgettable because these beautiful creatures are very playful and allow for people to touch them, feed and even swim holding onto their fins.Address: Av. Jovito Villalba, park of Diverland diversions. Schedule: Tuesday to Sunday opens in the afternoon. Telephone: +58 (0295) 416-7830.


Musipan El Reino

The Kingdom of MUSIPAN is a Tourist Theme Park based on the descriptions and personages created by Benjamín Rausseo “El Conde Del Guacharo” during his almost 20 Years of his artistic life. This Kingdom, located to only 10 minutes from the airport, on the road the takes you to El Yaque Beach, sector Punta Carnero, Isla de Margarita, lies on 220 meters of beach, hamacodromo, 2 toboganes of water, 5 salt water swimming pools with 5 toboganes of water, 4 restaurants, pizzeria, dominódromo, heladería (ice cream shop) , town for children, parking, monitoring, cinema, theater, presses, radio and TV and a professional field for Cochino (Pig) Encebado, the official sports of the Kingdom.

Within the attractions that can be enjoyed in the Kingdom, do not forget to visit: El Ucero Light Bar and first Professional Dominódromo of Latin America and the Caribbean. Guarachassik Park, an experience of adventures where the prehistoric roots of Musipan are known. The Four bar Pepas Located in the Island of the Perdición, this bar, acclimated at the beginning of the decade of the 60, is the ideal site to drink and to share with the family. The Palace of Government … is the official seat of the Government of the Kingdom, that is used like office by the Monarch when it is in the country. Guacharock Coffee, The only Restaurant with the best thing of the Creole kitchen, dedicated to the four Venezuelan and his interpreters. Planet Guacharo Bar Restaurant where one pays tribute to the cinema and TV to him of latinoamericana. Leaders of the global campaign “Save to the Chivos”.

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