ferry.jpgThe ferry is perhaps the most popular means of transportation. as it enables visitors to bring their cars. The ferry terminal is called Punta de Piedras and there are several daily crossings between Margarita and Puerto La Cruz, Cumana and Trinidad. Ferries can be express or regular, and take passengers, vehicules or both

Website of the ferry companies:

Conferry: www.conferry.com
Naviarca: www.grancacique.com.ve
Navibus: http://www.navibus.com.ve/

As for ports, El Guamache International Port is located on the south west coast of Margarita Island. It offers numerous advantages over other ports in the Caribbean and within Margarita Island itself. Its location, latitude 10º52’N and 64º03’W length offers a safe refuge from winds of the central and northern zones during the summer months and away from the hurricane belt. It is accessed through the Margarita channel from the west and east.

The cruises history in Margarita Island is relatively recent compared with other Caribbean islands history. Since 1993, year in which it was granted the concession of the harbor administration to the Guaritico Partnership, have arrived at the Port, 667 boats with 931,186 tourists visitors and 358,748 crew passengers.

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