The beach is definitely the thing on Margarita Island. There are more than 50 beaches on the island with crystal clear water. Some are very calm and ideal for relaxing as others are great for windsurf or surf. Here is a review of the most popular ones:

Playa El Humo: Nice beach located close to Playa El Agua.

Playa El Agua:
The most popular beach on the Island. There are lots of umbrellas and little cabaña tents that you can rent to get some shade (2-5 US $). Waiters come around offering drinks as you are sitting in your lounge chair and restaurants are also close to the beach. This beach is 4.5 km long with palmtrees along the road and 15-30 meters wide. Water is nice with some small to medium waves. There are many sport attractions available. It is the classic beach in Isla Margarita with a international community of German, French, Italian and others which has added its flavour. A cool and shady boulevard runs along the beach. At the beginning, there is a small picturesque flee market where you can by beach towels, sun glasses, sandals, beach wear, tanning lotion and much more at reasonalbe prices. It is the beach, favored by locals and visitors, because of its beauty and variety of services and the huge beach parties organized in high season.

Playa Parguito:
This beach is getting more popular and competitions with Playa El Agua. It is close to Playa El Agua, but smaller, as it extends for 1,9 km long and 15-40 m wide. It is popular with the surfing crowd (board surfing). It is located near restaurants and showers and you can rent umbrellas, sunshades and chairs.

Playa El Tirano:
Nice little beach, not very crowded. The best part is used by the visitors of Barcelo Pueblo Caribe hotel. You can find good waves ideal for board surfing.

Playa Guacuco:
One of the very nice beaches on Isla Margarita, located near Porlamar. This beach is very busy in high season, but less than those located in North Isla Margarita. This beach has good waves, so surfers will enjoy it and you can rent umbrellas to get some shade. Take the road that leads form the village Los Robles to Avenida 31 de Julio, take the right exito at Crucero de Guacuco and you will reach this beautiful beach. One and a half kilometers of soft waves and cristal clear water that reflects the color of the slightly red, fine sand. It has its name due to the abundance of clams found here. Try it, collect them right on the beach, it is really easy. Don´t leave before you try the Crema de Guacuco or Pasta with Guacuco, they are real special.

playa_sur.jpg Playa Caribe:
One of the trendy and crowded beaches located near Juangriego. There are medium to high waves making it an attraction for surfers. You can eat in many restaurants around. Close to Juangriego, passing by the Fortin de la Galera you reach Playa Caribe. It´s landscape and clear waters captivate locals and visitors. Excellent services are offered, several reknown restaurants offer all services (showers, toilets) , shade and chair rental and service at the beach.

Playa Zaragoza:
Nice beach, interresting for the family. In the center of the village Pedro Gonzalez. Watch the fisherboats anchored in the deep, cold and tranquil waters. A boulevard boarded by colonial houses runs along the beach. Here you will find food, drinks and nautical sports. In the center of the village Pedro Gonzalez. Watch the fisherboats anchored in the deep, cold and tranquil waters. A boulevard boarded by colonial houses runs along the beach. Here you will find food, drinks and nautical sports.

Playa Punta Arenas:
Very nice and quiet beach. Located at the end of Macanao peninsula, at 70 km from Porlamar. Ideal for kids. We recommend to get there in 4-wheel drive to be able to appreciate not only this beautiful beach but also it´s virgin surroundings. A magnificent beach in Macanao.

Playa Puerto Cruz:
Nice pretty wide beach, with good quality sand and palm trees along the beach and palapas for shade. Medium sized waves attracts surfers and swimmers. Many attractions are available around. Finally, we have to mention that this beach is safe for kids. Counts with a large parking lot. Two important hotels have direct access to this beach. The bay is pretty deep, the declive is pronounced and the waves break brusquely at the shore. All services are available at this beach.

Playa Puerto Viejo:
Nice small shallow swimming beach, located near Playa Puerto Cruz.

Playa Manzanillo: Beach located on the North point of the island, about 2 km away from Playa El Agua. The beach is about 700m long and 25 m wide. It was originaly used by the fishermen, but it is geting more popular but it is still quiet and you can rent umbrellas. The diverse restaurants can satisfy your desires with wonderful dishes of fresh fish. Specially suited for swimming in the morning. One of the most beautiful bays of Margarita. A fishermen village is located there. Watch the boats softly rocking on the waves and the fishermen repairing the nets. Take advantage of the opportunity to try “pescado sudado” (steamed fish) and fresh mussels.

Playa La Caracola (Moreno):
Beach located near Porlamar. It is not very crowded and it coexists among restaurants and clubs. Good to spend a whole day on the beach with your family. You can rent umbrelals and it is safe for kids.

Playa La Pared (the wall):
This beach is located North of Macanao peninsula. Very nice beach, mostly unknown and not crowded. There is a restaurant near the beach. Magnificent sunsets and guaranteed peaceful, strong waves. No services there. 1500 metres of natural beauty.

Punta Arenas, Isla de Margarita

Playa El Yaque:

Semi-rocky beach very popular with windsurfers. Located near the Porlamar airport, it is considered by some as one the best windsurf beaches. This beach is mostly crowded by tourists. Little or no waves make it very good for kids. Many restaurants are located around.

Playa El Angel:
Quiet beach good for the whole family.

Playa Pampatar:
Very quiet beach ideal for the family.

Playa La Restinga: Located in a National Park, it is the longest beach on the Island. Waves are pretty strong on this beach. You must see it. 27 km of beach with sand composed by seashells and spectacular sunsets. You have to cross the La Restinga Lagoon to get there.Enjoy a 45 minute ride in one of the picturesque boats through the channels and tunnels of this mangrove lagoon, full of flamingos, seagulls, pelicans, parrots, sea horses (hipocampos) and starfish.


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