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The stunning scenery and combination of off-road and paved highway possibilities make Margarita a good place to rent a bike for exploring. Be careful, though: the sun can be brutal, and the distances between towns and beaches can quickly become more daunting than you might expect. The best place for mountain biking is the Macanao Peninsula.



As this is the Caribbean, count on some good snorkeling and scuba diving on and around Isla de Margarita. Conditions immediately around the island can be a little too rough and murky. Two of the more popular dive sites close to Margarita are Los Frailes, a group of small rock islands about 11km (7 miles) offshore that are good for both snorkeling and scuba, and the Cueva el Bufón, a small cave near Pampatar thought to be a hiding place for pirate loot that can only be visited with scuba gear.There are plenty of locations for snorkeling or scuba diving all of them re rich in underwater wildlife ouststanding are Los Frailes where you can snorkel in a natural pool or let youself fly on a drift dive also worth of mention is el farallón with 15 meters deep waters and an average temperature of 25°COff Isla Cubagua, you can dive the wreck of a sunken ferry, with intact cars still aboard.Snorkel trips average between $40 and $60 per person for a full-day tour with lunch, and scuba tours cost between $55 and $85 for a two-tank dive trip.



The waters off Isla de Margarita are excellent fishing grounds. A day’s catch might include any combination of tuna, dorado, marlin, and sailfish. You can hire a guide and a boat for the day, with lunch and beverages, for between $300 and $1,200, depending on the size of the boat, number of fishermen, and game sought.



The most exiting Golf Course in the Caribbean, Isla Margarita Golf Club counts with a team that will take care of you with pleasure 365 days a year, due to exceptional climate conditions in the beautiful region of the Valley of Pedro Gonzalez – Margarita Island. 18-hole course, par 70. – Direct sea view from the entire course

– Electric carts
– Hand carts
– Rental Clubs Callaway
– Practice Balls
– Individual clubs
– Caddies
– Golf lessons available


Horseback riding

Whether you fancy a ride on the beach, through the forested hills of the Cerro El Copey, or over the barren desertlike landscape of the Macanao Peninsula, there are great opportunities for horseback riding all over Margarita. Inquire at Villa, we know which specialize in tours of the Macanao Peninsula.


Kite surfing

One of the most impacting extreme sports in the last years, has arrived in Playa El Yaque.

Why is Playa El Yaque is apt for this sport? The wind conditions cannot be better. Side shore winds from the left; shallow waters for the first 300 m, sandy ground and very warm water without currents make this beach marvellous to learn or to practice this sport, so popular in Europe and the United States. As you know, Playa El Yaque already is already prestigious and famous internationally for windsurfing.
These are the reasons we are very visited by windsurfers and to avoid accidents and collisions, the beach has been segmented for both sports. Beginners may use the beach before 9.30 am or after 5.30 pm. Experienced kite surfers may use both ends of the beach, where is little chance to run into windsurfers.

The wind conditions are incomparable. Constant and strong winds from December to July. This advantage has earned the third place in international ranking. Between August and November we have less, but constant winds, ideal for beginners and for larger kites. That way you never have to quit practicing your favourite sport. Visit us and try!

Margarita has become renowned for outstanding kitesurfing. Magarita is located just off the Venezuelan coast. It’s reliable wind has made it a mecca for recreational kitesurfers. Ideal for groups of mixed abilities and those that just want to blast! Combine this with a Latin American ambience, tropical weather, a sandy beach and generally good value. The island itself has a varied landscape. The 10 minute transfer from the airport is through the dry scrubland that surrounds El Yaque. In the centre, the mountains rise to 900 metres and are covered in tropical vegetation. Around the north are pretty little villages, cliffs and more dramatic scenery. Over in La Restinga, most of the area is national park with mangrove swamps and long beaches.



The hard core land response to kite surfing. Landboarding has been kicking around for some 10-15yrs and has now piggy backed kite surfing using the new kite technology to take the sport to new levels and is not for the faint hearted. Although Landboarding can be very fast its more of a freestyle sport, most trick done on the water are being performed by the top end landboarders with the added thrill that the land is a bit harder than the water! Landboarding can be done on sand, grass and tarmac.

Our course gives you the understanding you need to go out and do this sport for yourself. We start with setting up the equipment, and move on to practice all the kite skills you need to get the board moving. Once the kite skills are settling in we add the board to the equation teaching you to get on and off the board safely and how to stop it and slow it down. Then you add the power….!



The most popular day cruises from Margarita are to the islands of Coche, Cubagua, and Los Frailes. Trips cost from $30 to $65 per person for a full-day tour with lunch.

With the constant trade winds and translucent turquoise waters, Margarita is a great place to sail. A host of charter vessels anchor in the Pampatar harbor and other protected anchorages and bays around Margarita. The fleet fluctuates seasonally, but a sailboat is always available for a day cruise or multiday charter. Day tours cost from $45 to $100 per person. Rates for all-inclusive multiday charters range from $100 to $200 per person per day, with a minimum of four people. There are, some companies that offer mid sised boats for a private and exclusive service the Margarita yachting Marina will, fill up a space available for this matter Margarita will also be included on the course of this years south Caribbean ocean Regatta given the success of the two former editions.

windsurf2.jpgWindSurf – Surf

El Yaque beach is the most recognized beach for the practice of windsurf as the wind never stops blowing. Isla Margarita’s relaible wind has made it a mecca for recreational windsurfers. This coastal island is consistently windy, predictably inexpensive and the people’s culture is interresting. The climate is incredible all year long. Cloudless skues are warm and dry during the day. Water temperatures vary around 26ºC (80ºF). This is a typical trade wind location, with the wind very calm in the morning, building during the day to reach a peak between 3 PM and 5:30 PM. From mid-december through June, the wind blows in the 15-25 knots range most of the days. The peak months are February and March, where 20 knots to 30 knots winds are common.

El Yaque is the most visited beach for wndsurfing. The wind is sideshore and you can stand fort he first 150 yards from the beach. This is an excellent place to wire your waterstarts or your jibes. If the swell is right, you can find ridable surf on the island. Playa Parguito, just south of Playa El Agua, and El Tirano, a little further south, are the principal breaks on Margarita. Parguito beach located south of playa el Agua is the ideal location for this sports the curret forms strong waves thanks to the rocky reef penetrating the ocean with a precise angle everyday although specially during weekends surfers gather also organizing local and international competitions.



At Margarita’s highest mountain COPEY (3200 ft.) you will be surprised by the lush and tropical vegetation found. A guide brings you through a river bed along jungle trails, from the breath taking view of the Copey peak to a lovely plantation. Fallen trees, rocks and a little bit of climbing distinguish the trekking tour from a normal walking tour.In this natural area, the guide will show you a lot of interesting creatures. At the plantation, you will find different kinds of tropical flora along with exotic fruits being offered to you.

moto_agua1.jpgJet Ski

You can rent a jet boat at a very reasonable cost, mainly in Playa El Agua, to be able to enjoy a ride for the wide coast and to jump the waves of the turquoise sea of the Caribbean.

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