Here is a short list of frequently asked questions.

Q: What about hurricanes on Isla Margarita?

A: We are very happy to be out of the Hurricane belt. In recent history, we were only once very lightly brushed by tropical storm Brett, back in 1992. The hurricane left no damage. Otherwise, we have always been out of the path starting from western Africa to Florida and Cuba. We are located a couple of thousands kilometers away from that zone. There are also no volcanoes and the risk of earthquakes is very low. There is no fog or hail and the rain, when it does comes, seldom rains during the day and usually lasts only an hour. We receive, on average, more than 320 days a year of 8 hours of sun or more. For more details, please visit the Weather section.

Q: Is Isla Margarita secure and what about Villa Del Sol?

A: YES, Isla Margarita is considerred very secure. Safety and security for tourists here are better than in many other vacation spots and certainly far better than in most major cities throughout the world. Villa Del Sol is protected by a watchmen, 9 outside and inside security cameras and a high cement fence with electric wires on top all of which make it unattractive to robbers. In addition, each and every room has it’s own safe-deposit box. Please visit the Rooms section for more information.

Q: What about attractions on Isla Margarita, is there anything else than the beach?

A: YES, there are many attractions in and around Villa Del Sol. Golf, windsurfing, diving, snorkeling, boat rides and walking are among some of the activities available. Casinos, museums, shopping and discos are also interresting places to visit. Finally, nature reserves and parks, mountains and deserts will attract nature lovers. Everyone will certainly find his/her own activity!
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  • Addresse:
    Calle la Canoa à calle La Mira
    À 150 mètres de la plage.
    Playa El Agua 6313
    Isla Margarita, Venezuela
    (Al lado de Hotel Hesperia)

  • Courriel: info@villadelsol.org
  • Site Internet: www.villadelsol.org
  • Tél: : +58-295-249-0876
  • Gratuit: : 1-877-775-8281